Our Story!


Hello, and welcome!

I’m a child of God, a wife, a hands-on mom, an engineer,  dinner-cooker, and a few things in between. I have a beautiful and bubbly daughter, Sarah G. , whom I strived daily to make everyday exciting for her.

Lockets of Hearts started as a fun, on-the-paper project for my daughter to cut down on her screen time on YouTube and to help redirect her attention span.

I adopted a 10-steps roadmap from my work, to kick start her creative mind in starting out her imaginary online shop! She started from base zero, thinking what to sell, shop name, logo, ordering samples etc. I took all these opportunities to incorporate some life skills into her too.  Prayfully, it will be of good use to her in the future.

Seeing how she improved and persevered over ~ 4 months with the 10-steps that I adopted from my work. I decided to make her imaginary shop a reality. 

On top of it, for her 7th birthday present, Sarah G. suggested that we should donate some of the proceeds from all the purchases to help with the elderly too.  (Our Mission)

It's a small shop but we still want to thank you so much for your support and generosity in our Lockets of Hearts project. 

Bless your kind heart.